Fire and Ice is a documentary short film that examines the history of the wine industry in Washington state, the variance in climate, styles, and approach across all of the major appellations, and the volcanic activity and glacial ice age floods that helped to create one of the most unique and booming regions in the world today.    


Fire and Ice was filmed in July of 2015 at ten wineries all across Washington's major American Viticultural Areas (AVA's) including Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, Horse Heaven Hills, Red Mountain, and Rattlesnake Hills.  The documentary features interviews with a well known wine critic and author from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, a renowned local geologist, and ten different winemakers from some of the state's most prestigious wineries including Sheridan Vineyard, Pepper Bridge Winery, Col Solare Winery, Owen Roe Winery, Mercer Estates Winery, Kestrel Vintners, Otis Kenyon Wine, Obelisco Estate, Adams Bench Winery, and Two Mountain Winery.